About Us

Playful Foundations is a charitable incorporated organisation working to uphold Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In this respect, our overall aim is:
To support and maximise the possibilities for the time and space for children’s right to play across the communities in which they reside.
Our strategic aims are predicated on the understanding that changing circumstances of contemporary childhood restrict children’s access to the time and space they need for independent play experiences and their ability to support their own well-being. Our specific aims, therefore, are:     
1) To provide increased opportunities for children to support their own agency and holistic well-being through everyday actions.
2) To remove the barriers that prevent children from securing sufficient playful opportunities for themselves.
3) To provide education and training opportunities to ensure an increased tolerance for children's play across the community.
Playful Foundations’ work includes, but is not limited to provision, advocacy and training. Ultimately, all revenue generated will aim to ensure continued support and the future sustainability of open access play provision at White City Adventure Playground.